Starting a new business is an exciting time, but it can also be pretty overwhelming, especially since there’s no rulebook for where to get started! Let me help guide your initial steps toward success.

By Liz Girolamo

First, I’d like to introduce myself, my name is Liz Girolamo. You may already know that (and if so, that’s likely how you landed here… but just incase you don’t) I am a digital marketer and beauty entrepreneur out of the Hudson Valley, NY. I started my online store, Tee-Owels, 3+ years ago, and have since significantly scaled and grown my business, as well as landed it in major magazines and broke into a global market. I have a background of 4+ years in digital marketing followed up with a BS in Marketing & Communications, an esthetics license and 10+ years experience in sales and beauty. I know you, just like me, have got a good idea that you’re thinking of turning into a profitable reality for yourself, and I’m here to help guide you, and show you that you can create the reality that you’ve dreamed-up for yourself. Lets Get Growing & talk about the 5 things that helped me get started!

#1. Get The Idea Going.

What is it that you think this world is missing? What thing could people, like yourself, benefit from, or what would enhance the everyday routine of others. Even if you want to start a business that is in a fairly competitive market, there’s got to be your unique EDGE, if you will. What is it? What do you/could you bring to the table? Sit with that, You hold the key to this reality. As long as your idea helps to inform, entertain or empower another person you’ve got a solid foundation for a successful business.  That’s your first step, now let’s #GetGrowing to the next one.

#2. Think About Your Idea Practically – And Begin.

Once you’ve conceptualized your idea, and written it down, the next step is to start materializing your new routine. It’s like learning anything new you’ve gotta create a “route” in your brain of what you will be doing in this role. Start thinking about how you can get started. Research the industry, call that supplier, take a trip to the store (for me it was Jo-Ann Fabrics) and start creating your prototype! You’ve got work to do (fun work, if you love your idea). Oh, and that’s another thing, make sure the reality you create is one YOU love. This is YOUR dream company. Don’t let other people interfere with that truth!

#3. Embrace the Unknown.

Something you must do when starting up a business is get used to the idea that theres’s a lot of unknowns. But with that, theres also faith & the knowledge (the power) that the unknown is a place where we can never sift through without experience. You learn as you go. In the beginning, you will constantly feel like you are doing something scary and risky, and maybe even putting yourself out there, which can feel EMBARRASSING as heck, but this is part of the test & the process to finding your way to a better you. It’s normal, and try to remind yourself that you have a purpose and a need to fulfill.

#4. Draw Inspirations.

This step is really important for determining the kind of affect & impact you want your business to have in the world. When I create things for my business – I listen to my favorite music it helps me tap into my creativity and totally reflects what I love, which comes through in my designs and brand identity. It’s also a good idea to draw inspirations from your favorite businesses where you shop/ favorite creators. This will help solidify your idea and create a tone for YOU as a creator.

#5. Visualize.

This step is very important. A good entrepreneur must have a VISION, so visualize & visualize often. If you can imagine your business taking off and what kind of world would be a result of that, than you’re already ahead of the game. Truth is, you need to be there in your mind to get there in this reality. When I visualize the outcomes of my projects/ goals it never fails to deliver – or amaze me. Visualizing helps me to tap into the part of my brain that allows me to think things through in further detail. It is one of the most common traits among successful people, and according to, “having crystal clear images of what you want enables you to align with the frequency that’s an exact match to your dream.” Additionally, positive affirmations will help get you in the frame of mind you need to be in to tackle this career, trust me – I want to set you up to WiN!

#6. Utilize your resources and grow your strengths.

What I mean by this is you have “gifts”, talents and job experiences that are valuable to your future business. See where you can fit these into your new role, and/or grow in areas that are of interest to you. Starting out in the beauty industry with an esthetics license still helps me today – I understand skin and hair sciences, and my product is a hair towel, so it is of value to me and thus the knowledge still gets utilized. You can save a lot of money starting up if you can take on a do-it-yourself approach, and grow in areas outside of your expertise. So, what kinds of skills do you bring to the table and how can it help you achieve your business goals? Utilize your every resource.

Quote of the Day

Entrepreneur tends to bite off more than [they] can chew hoping [they’ll] quickly learn how to chew it. — ROY ASH

Well, I hope you’ve enjoyed my first (entrepreneurial) blog post. I hope these 6 steps help you to think further about your idea, and more critically, so we can take it to the next level in the next post!

Thank you so much for reading along. If this helped you out any and you liked this post, please leave love below and let me know in the comments. Let’s keep Growing together!

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